‘What a change for Tingu!! Baby Nayantara in a stylish look with colored hair..’ – Photos viral

Nayantara Chakraborty is a young genius who conquered the hearts of Malayalis as a child star. The actor started his acting career in 2006. The actor played the role of Tinku Mol in the film Kilukum Kilukilukum. Nayanthara Chakraborty was a constant presence in most Malayalam movies.

The House Where Father Doesn’t Sleep, Chess, Notebook, Amman, Kanakasimhasanam, Inspector Garuda, Akasham, Suryan, Kangaroo, Twenty Twenty, Novel, Screenplay, Crazy Gopalan, Bhagavan, Ghost in this Town, Loud Speaker, Natakame Ulakam, Collector, Heroine, Trivandrum Lodge, Nayanthara has acted as a child star in more than twenty films, including Poppins, Silence, Little Superman After She Came, and her last release, Answer.

All are better characters. Without a doubt, Malayalees welcomed the actor with open arms. Baby Nayanthara is no longer the star. She is about to make her debut as a heroine. Recently, the actor himself said that he is no longer a baby. Hopefully, there will be new pictures soon.

Malayalees will accept Nayanthara as a heroine as they accepted Nayanthara as a child actress. Nayanthara is also an active actor on social media. Nayantara has got many fans, who are too young women. Now the fans have taken the new photoshoot pictures shared by Nayanthara. The pictures were taken by photographer Rojan Nath.

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