‘Isn’t this our viral anchor Veena!! The star in the vacation vibe..’ – Check out the photos

Just like movie and serial stars, presenters are a group that Malayali look up to a lot. We know of many people who once shined as presenters through television channels. There are still presenters who gain attention through individual television programs. Since there are many channels in Malayalam itself, many presenters are emerging.

Not only television but with the advent of social media, there are people who gain public attention by doing programs on private online media and YouTube channels. Veena Mukundan is a well-known presenter to Malayalis through such a YouTube channel. Veena is doing a program called Ice Break with Veena. Malayalam film stars appeared in Veena’s interview.

Not just movie stars, serials, social media influencers, and Bigg Boss contestants have all appeared for the interview. Veena is someone who has a lot of fans. Veena got fans with her presentation style. Veena’s posts on social media are getting attention. Veena got married four years ago. His husband’s name is Jiva.

Pictures of Veena spending time at a resort in Doddabelapur in Karnataka district are now going viral. Veena herself has shared the photos with her fans. The actress went to celebrate the holiday with her husband. Last year, an interview with actor Srinath Bhasi was very controversial.

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