Honey Rose won the hearts of fans….

Honey Rose is a star who has achieved a place of her own in Malayalam cinema after a long of hard work. Initially, most of the films in which the actor acted failed. Not only in Malayalam but also in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada languages, Honey acted in all the films but those films also did not achieve enough success. The 2012 release of Trivandrum Lodge changed Honey’s acting career.

The film gained a lot of attention and later such roles came to Honey. Honey Rose, who started to shine in her career, later shone on screen as the heroine of many superstars. The actor has mostly acted with Mohanlal. The star’s last released film was Veera Simha Ready which was released in Telugu.

With the film becoming a huge hit in Telugu, many opportunities have come to Honey from Pering. But now the star has paid more attention to the opening programs than acting. No matter where you look, social media is full of pictures and videos of Honey Rose’s inauguration. With the actor himself as the chief guest, there is a huge rush in such events now.

Now, pictures of Honey Rose’s arrival at Perinthalmanna in Malappuram are getting attention on social media. Honeyrose arrived for the inauguration of At Less. Here too, there was a huge crowd to see the star. There is no other actor in Malayalam who can beat Honey in this regard.

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