‘Actress Bhama celebrates her 35th birthday, co-stars wish her best wishes…’ – Video Viral

Actress Bhama made her acting debut with the film Nivedyam directed by Lohit Das. Bhama, who won a lot of fans with his performance in the first film, later went on to achieve a place of his own in Malayalam cinema. The Jayasurya-Bhama combination turned out to be a great star couple with many superhit films.

Bhama has been active in cinema till 2017. Apart from Malayalam, Bhama has also acted in Telugu and Kannada language films. Bhama was last seen in the 2017 Kannada film Raaga. Bhama got married in 2020 and stayed away from films. Bhama has not yet clarified whether he will return to films.

Bhama’s husband’s name is Arun Jagadish. Bhama’s daughter’s name is Gauri. Bhama celebrated his thirty-fifth birthday this past day. Bhama’s birthday was on 23rd May. Bhama had also posted pictures of the celebrations the other day. Bhama also thanked all those who expressed their wishes. People including teammates also wished him well.

At the same time, after the celebration pictures were posted, a person asked a question under the photo that ‘husband and daughter were not in the celebrations..’ Bhama replied to that. Bhama’s reply was that he was in Kannur for work and his daughter and husband were in Kochi. There were rumors that the two had broken up.

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